Dallas--International Women’s Day

March 8, 2017

IACNT- March 8th has been named the International Women’s Day (IWD). On Saturday, March 4th, members of the IACNT celebrated IWD with many other humanitarian organizations in Dallas.


IACNT members celebrated International Women’s Day on March 4th in Dallas, Texas.

Women, being central to society, have historically not been afforded the inalienable human rights we all deserve. They have been victims of domestic violence, work violence, unequal pay, objectification, and much worst. There are times when the law protects women, but unfortunately it is not upheld by members of the society; and yet, there are times when the law to protect women does not exist. In the latter case, the situation becomes more cumbersome and oppressive due to women not only having to defend themselves against the unjust, but also having to challenge authorities to pass laws that protect them as equal members of society.

Living under a ruling theocracy, Iranian women have to endure a lot of hardship; Women and girls are deprived from choosing their own dress, their own education; they cannot be a judge or a president; they have to get permission from their father or husband to travel; they do not get custody of children in cases of divorce, and countless other infractions of their human rights and dignity.

To fight against this unjust system, the main Iranian opposition, NCRI, has chosen a woman, Maryam Rajvi, as its leader. Maryam Rajavi has been advocating for women’s rights her whole life. She has declared a ten-point plan for the future of Iran in which the rights of all, including women, have been addressed clearly. Under her leadership, the number of women who have taken up leadership roles has increased significantly.

On March 4, 2017, IACNT celebrated IWD by displaying a booth with information regarding the daily struggle of women in Iran for freedom and democracy. Many people stopped by and learned about the plight of Iranian's women.

Happy International Women’s Day to all women all around the world! Don’t give up! Stay strong!

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