The city of Dallas is home to one of the most diverse populations in the nation.  Including  one of the largest Persian American populations in the U.S. According to IACNT (Iranian-American Community of North Texas) the history of most Persians in the DFW metro and across the country ties to Iranian students during the late 1960s & 1970s. The Iranian revolution occurred during the 1970s forcing many Iranian students to seek residency and citizenship in their host countries (including the US, Australia, Canada, and parts of Africa).


North Texans head to New York to speak out against Iran’s new president

Published by Star- Telegram- Sep. 23, 2013  

Homeira Hesami wants the world to know that many of the people of Iran don’t consider Hassan Rouhani their true president.

That’s why she and other North Texans are heading to New York for a rally against Rouhani — who has promised to engage with the world and end confrontation — as he prepares to visit with world leaders at the annual high-profile gathering of the United Nations General Assembly.


Protests Held In Downtown Dallas For Freedom In Libya, Iran.

Published by CBS 11 News- February 20, 2011

By Marianne Martinez

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - They’re thousands of miles from Libya, but dozens of people at two demonstrations in Downtown Sunday said they feel they can make a difference.

“We’re Libyans in America,” said 20-year-old Khyrria, who did not want to give her last name.  “I think it shows solidarity, support for the people there.”

Khyrria said her father fled Libya 30 years ago to escape the dictatorship of Muammar el-Qaddafi. She still has some family there, and attended the protest so they can live a better life.

“These people are starving. There’s no jobs, no education,” she said. ”We as Libyans, want to show them our support. Even in Dallas, Texas we can do it.”


Street rally in Dallas backs change in Iran

Published by WFAA- February 20, 2011

By David Badie

DALLAS — Iranian-Americans showed their solidarity with the ongoing protests in

their homeland at a demonstration in downtown Dallas on Sunday.

This rally is also against Iran's current government.


North Texans head to New York to protest Iranian president’s presence at the U.N.

Published by Star- Telegram- Sep. 23, 2009   

Mahie Ghoraishi hasn’t been back to Iran since she was 3.

She wants to go back someday, to see the country and her relatives who still live there, but says she can’t until her country is free. Until then, she says she’ll speak out about the way people there are treated — being arrested, tortured, even killed for protesting election results some say falsely put Mahmoud Ahmadinejad back in office as president.


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